South Park goes after Catholic Church in hilarious clip of upcoming episode

Last week “South Park” kicked off its 22nd season. While the season premiere may not have been the best episode in the world, it still provided several laughs as Cartman just couldn’t believe Token hadn’t […]


Guidance counselor suspended from her job at an Indianapolis Catholic school for her un-Biblical marriage appears on Ellen

If you don’t live in Indiana, you’ve probably missed the biggest, most controversial story in the Hoosier state these past few months. A Roncalli guidance counselor, Shelly Fitzgerald, was asked to resign for violating her […]

Child sexual abuse scandal underway in Catholic Church and Pope Francis is worried about plastic in the ocean

The Catholic Church has been under fire as of late after revelations of child sexual abuse by priests and other high ups spanning decades. The details revealed by a grand jury report of sexual abuse […]