VIDEO: woman goes NUTS on Trader Joe’s employees when asked to wear a mask

Many businesses are requiring their patrons to wear masks when shopping in stores. Trader Joes is one of those establishments. But when an employee tried to enforce the policy, a woman went nuts in the […]


Trump says California is ‘sending millions of ballots to people,’ ‘to anyone in the state’

President Donald Trump really, really, really does not want people to vote absentee. On Tuesday morning, Trump sent out another couple of tweets about his fears of voting by mail. However, instead of going after […]

Former Congresswoman Katie Hill on Republicans winning seat: ‘It was pretty f**king devastating’

Anyone – Republican, Democrat or Independent – who gets so worked up about losing a political campaign that they are moved to tears, has some major problems. If you’re not the actual candidate who loses […]

Ironic: Former Rep. Katie Hill calls Trump a ‘gross f**k’

Katie Hill is no longer a member of Congress. She resigned late last year after photos showing her with a member of her official staff in compromising positions. Several of the photos showed Hill in […]