Huh? English academic wants calling someone a ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ to be a hate crime

In the last decade or so, geek or nerd culture has exploded. Thanks to the constant stream and popularity of the Marvel films and “The Big Bang Theory,” that has become mainstream. There are conventions […]

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn denigrates Jeff Bezos for $100 million charitable gift

Liberals say they absolutely love helping the poor, the hungry and the less fortunate. Conservatives do as well but you’re not likely to ever hear that in the media. It’s the liberals who are always […]

‘Black Panther’ star: ‘I am a child of God,’ says he pulled her out of ‘deep state of depression’

“Black Panther” was the highest grossing film of 2018. It went on to make more than $700M at the box office domestically. The film has also been nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture. Letitia […]