Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Clinic has multiple health code violations

The Philadelphia Planned Parenthood that’s been in the news thanks to Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, seems to have a problem with health code violations. According to, the clinic failed to properly store fetal […]


Pennsylvania lawmaker issues ‘apology’ after harassing pro-life advocates

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims really, really likes Planned Parenthood and if you have a different opinion he’ll threaten to have your personal information online or he may just harass you, calling out “shame, shame” […]

Conservatives organize pro-life rally in front of Planned Parenthood clinic after lawmaker posts harassing videos

Conservatives have responded after Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims posted two videos of himself harassing people peacefully protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. Conservative author, commentator and Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh seems […]

Pennsylvania state rep. wants to dox those who think differently from him on abortion

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, a Democrat, is at it again. He’s once again threatening private citizens who happen to have a different opinion on abortion than himself. The moron is actually livestreaming himself as […]