Supreme Court won’t hear Planned Parenthood defunding case

Remember how Planned Parenthood was all about stopping Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice because he was going to reverse Roe? Well, in his first test on abortion rights since joining the supposedly […]


Braun campaign goes after Donnelly’s vote against Kavanaugh in new ad

Democrat Joe Donnelly voted against President Trump’s then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavnaugh. Donnelly is also hoping to keep his job as he battles Republican Mike Braun in red-state Indiana. Basically, Donnelly is attempting to run […]

Braun campaign slams Joe Donnelly for campaigning with Delaware Senator Chris Coons

If asked how he voted on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Joe Donnelly is likely to mention how he voted for Neil Gorsuch without ever talking about his vote on Kavanaugh. Just […]