Billionaire Oprah Winfrey promotes book about ‘America’s unspoken caste system’

This has been an absolutely crazy and insane year. I understand that every year has its challenges and hurdles but 2020 has seemed particularly absurd. We’ve been and are still dealing with a worldwide pandemic, […]

Trump Jr., son of president, billionaire, self-publishing his book about privilege, has typo on cover

The left screams about people having white privilege, as yet another way to bring up and interject race into an issue. They tell us white people have a much easier life in America than minorities. […]

Trump administration official: Bolton published classified info….but it’s also fake?

Despite the Trump administration’s efforts to block John Bolton’s book “The Room Where it Happened,” it will hit bookshelves on Tuesday, June 23. The administration even went so far as to ask a judge to […]

Bolton on Trump: Not fit for office, isn’t competent enough for the job

President Donald Trump only hires the best people, or at least that’s what he told us. He’s only the best judge of talent! But anytime someone leaves (and there have been many) their post and […]