VIDEO: Bill Maher, NBC reporter want recession to keep Trump from winning reelection

Liberals are getting more and more desperate as we get closer to the next presidential election. They’ve accused President Trump of being a Russian asset, said he obstructed justice, called him a racist, a white […]


Bill Maher to 10 Dem presidential candidates: ‘Get the f**k out’

For some incomprehensible reason, a number of Democratic presidential candidates polling in the low single digits are still running. In all there, are something like 23 or 24 running for their party’s presidential nomination. A […]

Bill Maher: Hillary was a terrible candidate, committed obstruction and political correctness is cancer

Democrats and Republicans. You either support President Trump or you’re either a dirty liberal, Never Trumper, snowflake. On the other hand, you’re either for impeachment, believe Trump obstructed justice and probably colluded with the Russians […]