Comedian Bill Burr tells a joke at Grammys; feminists now upset

Comedy is all about pushing boundaries, toeing the line and crossing it at times. Comedy also serves a way for us to look at society and laugh at the stupidity that exists in the world. […]

Bill Burr on ‘SNL’ firing comedian over Youtube video: You f**kin’ millennials, you’re rats’

Political correctness has become extremely pervasive, touching nearly ever single facet of our society. And now it’s even reached the world of comedy. This week “Saturday Night Live” fired newly hired cast member Shane Gillis […]

Liberal comedian Ricky Gervais starting to understand Left’s contempt for free speech

Comedy is a terrific tool. Of course it’s an opportunity to laugh and unwind, but more importantly is that it’s a chance for society to look at hot button issues and topics, go in uncomfortable […]