Google search results list ‘Unplanned’ movie as propaganda

Hey Google, tell us how you really feel about the pro-life film “Unplanned.” Yesterday, people searching for the movie on the Google site noticed that the search engine had classified “Unplanned” as drama/propaganda. uh-huh […]


CBS News reporter Lara Logan: ‘We’ve abandoned all pretense to be objective’

The majority of the media has a bias and overwhelmingly it’s a liberal one.  This is particularly a problem when those media sources try and portray themselves as down the middle. CBS New reporter recently […]

‘Unbiased’ reporter says ‘f**king John James…..that would suck’

Listen, everybody has an opinion and everyone understands that, right?  Of course, they do. Well all have our preferences, including reporters. However, it becomes a problem when reporters continue to say over and over that […]