Leaked document exposes Google employees referring to Ben Shapiro, PragerU as ‘nazis using dog whistles’

It’s no secret that employees of companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook don’t like conservatives. Leaked e-mails and memos confirm that bias time and time again. Today, a document was leaked that exposed employee e-mail […]


Meghan McCain responds to report that White House requested U.S.S. John S. McCain be hidden for Trump’s visit to Japan

During President Trump’s recent visit to Japan, the White House requested that the war ship named after former Arizona Senator John McCain be hidden so it would not appear in photos with the President. Navy […]

Ben Shapiro calls out Washington Post, liberal media watchdog group lashes out

The Washington Post is not a fan of Republicans or really anyone who expresses conservative points of view. On Monday, the Notre Dame cathedral went up in flames, engulfing the ancient monument for hours. Crews […]