Sen. Ben Sasse says he won’t take part in attempt to overturn election

Not all Republicans hang on every word, syllable or crazy, conspiracy-laden tweet from President Donald Trump. I understand that with the way a majority of Republicans have acted the last five or six years or […]

Sen. Sasse: Trump is a ‘TV-obsessed narcissist,’ ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ and ‘mocks evangelicals’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse is not big on President Trump. He hasn’t been the entire time. He’s made this abundantly clear right from the outset of the Trump presidency. This week, audio came out in […]

Sen. Ben Sasse asks Amy Barrett to name 5 freedoms in First Amendment; she struggled to come up with them

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee has been holding hearings, grilling Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett has sat for hours and hours as senators from both parties ask her questions about her family, past rulings, past […]