Huh? James Comey says he never thought of electronic surveillance as spying

Former FBI director James Comey is still out and about commenting on current events, for some reason. This time, the guy who has amazingly united both the right and left in their dislike of him, […]


Barr before Senate committee: ‘I think spying did occur’ on Trump campaign

Attorney General William Barr was back testifying on Capitol Hill Wednesday. On Tuesday, Barr spoke before a House committee where he was asked about his findings on Mueller Report. Of course, Democrats were not pleased […]

VIDEO: Stacey Abrams refuses to accept AG Barr’s assessment of Mueller report

For the last two years, Democrats have told us that when the Mueller report is as good as gospel.  That anything that Robert Mueller would conclude would be without a doubt the whole truth and […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter says ‘there’s been so much solid reporting’ on Trump, Russia story

On Friday, Robert Mueller officially ended his nearly two-year investigation in possible Trump-Russian collusion. The report was handed into Attorney William Barr at the Department of Justice. Soon after the report was received it was […]