AOC and Dave Rubin hilariously trade punches on Twitter

Dave Rubin, a conservative author, writer and host of The Rubin Report on YouTube tweeted he’d like to be taken off AOC’s e-mail list and got a snarky response from the congresswoman in return. “Hi […]


Woman at AOC town hall: ‘We need to eat the babies’

In America, we have the right to free speech and to question those in positions of power. We can speak out on issues that we’re passionate about and those topics we believe aren’t getting the […]

AOC ‘woke up in the middle of the night’ to go live in Instagram because climate change was keeping her awake

She’s been pretty quiet lately – maybe because she’s on vacation? At any rate, the past few days have seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doing Instagram lives and in the congresswoman’s latest, she claims climate change woke […]