Former NBA player Stephen Jackson defends NFL star DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic post

As I’ve said before, racism still exists and we’ll never, ever be able to eradicate it. There will always be ignorant people who simply hate others for no other reason than they happen to have […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggests Sen. Josh Hawley is an anti-Semite, it doesn’t go well for him

Reporters are supposed to provide us with facts -good or bad, right or wrong – and let the viewing public make up their own mind. However, so often that’s not the case. Reporters like to […]

Melvil Dewey’s name removed from library award over racism concerns

At last year’s American Library Association Annual Conference, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name was stripped from a prestigious children’s book award over concerns of how the author portrayed Native Americans in her books and because many […]