Leftist protester to student: ‘Get the f**k out of here, bitch!’

Believe and think like me or else! That seems to be the thought driving many of the actions from those on the left. However, they continually tell us about their love, tolerant and accepting nature. […]


Politicon 2019: Panels, debates and fun in Nashville, Tennessee

In our current political discourse, you’re either right or left, my friend or my enemy. Tribalism is the name of the game and no one really seems interested in having sane, level-headed discussions where common […]

Ann Coulter says Trump is ‘biggest wimp to serve as President of The United States’

On Friday afternoon, after 35 days, President Donald Trump announced that he had reached a deal with congressional Democrats to end the partial government shutdown. Trump said the government would be reopened for three weeks, […]

White House backing off government shutdown threat over wall funding; Conservative, vocal Trump supporter not pleased

Donald Trump ran for the presidency on curbing illegal immigration by promising to build a wall on the southern border. It’s the issue that helped catapult him to the front of a crowded field of […]