CNN contributor posts cringeworthy status, photo after Biden’s selection of Harris

Yesterday, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally, after months of speculation, announced his running mate: California Sen. Kamala Harris. Your preferred choice of 2020 presidential candidate determined your reaction to Biden’s choice of Harris. […]

CNN’s Ana Navaro says we should send Melania Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz back to where they came from

Ana Navaro claims to be a conservative commentator on CNN. That’s pretty laughable, especially with the crazy things she’s said since President Trump got elected. Now, one does not HAVE to agree with the President […]

Ana Navarro on Facebook ban: I have no issue with it at all, I want them shut down

This week Facebook banned several people from their website, including Alex Jones, Paul Thomas Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos and Louis Farrakhan. This move from the social media giant has set off quite the debate on free […]

Democrats, media lying about and circulating deceptively edited clip of Trump

Most of the media is not a fan of President Trump and Republicans, in general. That statement is not a big surprise but over the weekend the media was spreading a deceptively edited and old […]