New NRSC ad comes out swinging, hits Dems hard for far left positions

The Democrats running for president have put forth some truly far, far left ideas and proposals. And they’ve made it abundantly clear that in 2020, they are intending to run that way. In addition to […]


Johnny Depp Dior ad pulled after its accused of ‘culturally appropriating’ Native American culture

Johnny Depp has had a rough go of it lately, in both his personal and professional life. He’s had string of films that have consistently underperformed at the box office. Seriously, what was he thinking […]

RNC slams Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris in new ad

It was an incredibly stupid answer. Both Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders said that terrorists, including the Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote…in prison. Both gave their devastatingly dumb response during CNN’s town […]