Singer Cher finally wakes up, states reality of illegal immigration

Liberals love to say they are the caring kind of people who would never turn away anyone from anything, that all are welcomed. This kind of thought process may do well on a bumper sticker […]


Actress Alyssa Milano tries to use The Bible to defend abortion

Abortion is a holy sacrament to the Left. Place any restrictions on it at all and prepare for the wrath of thousands of screaming banshees wearing idiotic pink hats. Actress Alyssa Milano, being in Hollywood […]

‘Unplanned’ actress goes after Alyssa Milano, feminism and says movie changed her view on abortion

“Unplanned” is a film about one woman’s journey from high-level Planned Parenthood employee to pro-life activist. Abby Johnson, who had worked at the abortion provided, entirely changed her outlook on the “medical procedure” after witnessing […]

Apple releases video introducing streaming service Apple TV Plus

Streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now are changing entertainment. Soon other such media giants as Disney, Warner Media and Apple will be getting into the streaming video game. On Monday, released a […]