Actress: Having abortion not a mistake, says she’s now a happy, multi-millionaire with plenty of sleep

I say this often but it’s becoming more and more true: Abortion is a holy sacrament to those on the left. Killing the unborn is something they thoroughly defend and delight in and do so […]


Actress Jane Fonda defends recent arrests, says we only have 11 years left

Actress Jane Fonda is well-known for her political activism. Many on the right still less than affectionately refer to her as “Hanoi Jane” for her stunt anti-America stunt during Vietnam. Even at 81, the liberal […]

Eric McCormack, Debra Messing now walking back blacklist threat

Think what I think or we’ll see to it that you have a hard time finding working in this industry. That was basically what “Will and Grace” stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing threatened to […]

Actress Alyssa Milano posts video of Hong Kong protests but there’s a problem

Many Hollywood celebrities, simply because people recognize them from a TV show or a movie, seem to believe people actually care what they say or think when it comes to current political matters. Unfortunately, for […]