Jeff Daniels: If Trump wins in 2020, ‘it’s the end of democracy’

Liberals are still in hysterics that Donald Trump defeated their anointed one, the rightful heir to the throne, Hillary Clinton. Now, combine Hillary’s loss with what is going on in places like Georgia and Missouri […]


WATCH: Actor Kelsey Grammer says Washington has been a bunch of clowns for 50, 60 years

Hollywood is a town full of liberals that’s really not a secret. For a group that believes themselves to be so creative and so individualistic, there seems to be massive groupthink when it comes to […]

Actor Alec Baldwin also considering presidential run?

Everybody and their mother is running for president. So, it only seems natural that an actor would consider getting into the race. On Monday, Hollywood liberal and Trump hater Alec Baldwin asked his Twitter followers […]

TRAILER: Horror film ‘The Silence’

Netflix continues to turn out original programming at an impressive rate. “The Silence” is the story of a family struggling to survive as they are terrorized by deadly, prehistoric species of animal. Just from the […]