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Parkland School System Failed Nikolas Cruz

On Friday, The Sun Sentinel reported the findings of a special report conducted by the Broward public school system on the Parkland High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz. The report, which was redacted but due to an error in the publication, could be read entirely by copy and pasting into a different document, found that Cruz had asked for help from the school system but they did not follow through on his request.

From The New York Times:

The report revealed that two months after Mr. Cruz was forced to leave Stoneman Douglas, he tried to take the school’s earlier advice and enroll in Cross Creek. His mother said “he had come to realize that the only way he would achieve his goal of graduating from high school” was to do so, the report says.

The district was required to respond to Mr. Cruz’s request for special-needs services, known as exceptional student education, within 30 days, the report found. Instead, the district told Mr. Cruz that it would need to evaluate his eligibility for assistance — despite his 15-year record in the school system — and that the process could take six weeks.

The process never began: For a new special-needs evaluation to take place, Mr. Cruz first had to re-enroll in Stoneman Douglas. An administrator said it was too late in the school year to take him back.

Because of failing grades, Cruz withdrew from school. Three days later, he purchased the AR-15 he used one year later in the Parkland shooting.

It’s obvious to see from the report, that Cruz had a long history of alarming behavior, so it’s a hard to say if receiving additional support from the high school would have changed the outcome of the Parkland shooting.

What it does point out, is that the school system failed to properly do their job.

Those instances, from the Sun Sentinel:

— School officials misstated Cruz’s options when he was faced with being removed from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School his junior year, leading him to refuse special education services.

— When Cruz asked to return to the therapeutic environment of Cross Creek School for special education students, the district “did not follow through,” the report reveals.

In part because of the errors, Cruz had no school counseling or other special education services in the 14 months leading up to the shooting on Feb. 14, the report says.

Maybe with all the evidence coming to light that not only did the Broward County Sheriff’s department botch their on the scene response procedures but the school system also failed Cruz, people will stop blaming legal gun owners and the NRA for something they had nothing to do with?




Trump Tweets Against 3D Printed Guns

Tomorrow, it will be legal to download blueprints for using a 3D printer to make guns at home. But ahead of the new ruling by the justice department, President Trump seems to be pushing back. A few hours ago, he tweeted this:

Many gun control advocates have expressed concern over someone having the ability to make a weapon at home. Actress Alyssa Milano stated in an op-ed to CNN today,

Imagine the damage one of these guns, even if it was only capable of firing one shot, could do aboard a plane. Or in a government office. Or in your child’s classroom.

This is part of the larger problem of ghost guns. These guns are made from DIY kits, which have no serial number, require no background check and are currently fully legal due to loopholes in our laws. An internet search on ghost guns tells a terrifying tale: headlines of gangs stocking up on these untraceable weapons. Of states with strict gun laws like Massachusetts confiscating hundreds of these guns. Of a tide of guns we don’t know are out there and we don’t know how to trace.

However, Stephen Gutowski, a writer for Free Beacon, Tweeted a long thread explain how everything people are hearing about 3D printed guns is false.


So far the NRA has not responded to the President.


Trump Administration OK’s 3-D Printed Guns

Beginning August 1st, you’ll be able to download the blueprints to create your own gun at home using a 3-D printer.

The Trump administration, via the State Department, settled a several year lawsuit against Cody Wilson who was told at the time that posting a code like that online violated International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), regulations relating to the export of defence materials, services, and technical data.

From The Independent:

The administration said in the settlement, which was not made public but provided by his attorneys to certain media outlets, that Mr Wilson’s charity group Defense Distributed could post the code online and it agreed to pay $40,000 of his legal fees.

Mr Wilson first posted the plans for the weapon he called “The Liberator” in 2013.

The single-shot handgun was made mostly of the type of plastic used in Lego save for two small pieces of metal, one of which is the firing pin.

The New York Post reports that Senator Chuck Schumer plan to introduce a bill dealing with what he calls “ghost gun blueprints” by the end of the week.

This online site shows you, how at your home, with a simple 3D printer, you can make a plastic AR-15, an AR-10, a very dangerous semi-automatic assault-style weapons out of plastic in your own basement,” Schumer said at a Sunday press conference.

Schumer warned that the results could be disastrous — and could potentially arm people who cannot legally purchase a gun under existing laws.

“The danger that could happen can be enormous,” he said. “To have crazy people have easy access, to have terrorists have easy access to this kind of website and allow them to make plastic AR 15s undetected — so-called ghost guns — justifies the imagination.”

Reaction on Twitter from anti-gun groups bordered on hysteria.



Nationwide March for Our Rights in Support of the Second Amendment to be Held on Saturday

On Saturday July 7th, 2A supporters across the country will be marching and rallying at an event called the “March for Our Rights.” The marches will take place in several major cities and to find one near you, visit their Facebook page.

March for Our Rights is a student led organization that advocates for the Second Amendment. From their web site:


We are students across the country concerned with the growing idea that the Second Amendment is outdated and should be thrown out. As law-abiding citizens and current/future voters, we want to make sure that the Constitution and America’s founding principles stay intact.

Self-determination and the ability to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is essential in keeping this republic functioning.


To show continued support of our founding documents, especially the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment.

To change the student-led narrative that there is only one side to the gun control debate.


Both as a movement and as individuals, we are deeply saddened by the loss of life stemming from firearms. As supporters of the Second Amendment, we strive to ensure the communal safety of our fellow American citizens. We simply believe that gun control is not the answer.

Notable speakers at the events include Joe Walsh, Dick Heller, Maj Toure (founder of Black Guns Matter), singer/actress Kaya Jones and Amy Robbins (founder Alexo Athletica).




Campus Carry Advocate’s Graduation Photo with AR-10 Goes Viral

Liberals are in a tizzy over this tweet by a Kent State student who recently graduated, then posed with her AR-10 for this photo.

Kaitlin Bennett has been an advocate for campus carry at her university and even decorated her mortar board with a picture of a rifle and the words, “Come and Take It.”

From the Kansas City Star:

“You see in the media a lot about college students and high school students, being advocates for gun control,” she told NBC4. “But you don’t see a lot going viral about students who are pro-second amendment and pro-gun rights.”

Bennett told the school she planned to take the photos on Sunday, university spokesman Eric Mansfield told Fox 8 in Cleveland. Once she graduated, she was “no longer restricted under the policy as a student.”

Of course, the photo triggered liberals.

I love her responses.

I also find it kind of awesome that lately, it’s been young, college aged women who are causing a stir and are brazenly standing up for their Second Amendment rights. Girl power, indeed.

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