Biden campaign shows contrasts between the candidates in latest ad

We’re creeping ever closer to Election Day. Candidates and campaigns are making their final push and plea to voters as many across the country have already voted. On Tuesday night, the Biden campaign unveiled their […]

Sen. Sasse: Trump is a ‘TV-obsessed narcissist,’ ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ and ‘mocks evangelicals’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse is not big on President Trump. He hasn’t been the entire time. He’s made this abundantly clear right from the outset of the Trump presidency. This week, audio came out in […]

Eric Trump tweets out photos of crowded, mask-less, indoor campaign event

On Saturday Night Live, Eric Trump is continual portrayed as a…well, as a moron, to put it lightly. And the more we see from President Trump’s son, the more it appears that SNL had it […]