Taylor Swift calls out Trump: You stoked fires of white supremacy, racism. In Nov., we vote you out

Taylor Swift is one of, if not, the biggest names in entertainment in the world. Every song and album she puts out reaches the top of the charts, she sells out entire stadiums and has […]


Fox News, Trump attack former President George Bush for call to unite during health crisis

The nation is still dealing with a health crisis. More cases of COVID-19 are confirmed every day and more people are dying as a result of the virus as most states begin relaxing restrictions. Currently, […]

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden, says ‘We need a real president, not just one who plays one on TV’

While Democratic presidential primary isn’t technically over yet, it’s basically over. As much as the Bernie Bros. may not like it, former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate for president. […]

Pete the Panderer: Buttigieg says ‘legacy of systemic racism has been ignored or denied’

In order to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, you will have to do well with African Americans. They area huge Democratic Party voting bloc. It’s the very reason that former Vice President Joe […]