Trump tells Omar he will win Minnesota because of her

Back in 2016, President Trump didn’t quite win Minnesota. If you take a look at the election results, it was very close with Hillary Clinton just barely beating him in the state. Now, the President […]


Former Democratic congressional candidate: ‘You can’t be a Trump supporter and a follower of Christ’

Democrats don’t like religion. Studies have shown that those who profess to be atheists, don’t attend church services regularly or just have a negative opinion on religion in general, are more likely to vote for […]

Marianne Williamson wasn’t included in photoshoot of women running for president, so she photoshopped herself in

Marianne Williamson, who no one had ever heard of before last week’s Democratic primary debate, got left out of a photoshoot with other female candidates running for the nomination. So what did Williamson do? She […]