Billionaire Tom Steyer donated to AOC’s campaign

According to our friends on the left, having a lot of money is a bad thing. Their new thing is hating billionaires as they tell us ad nauseam how they are the reason for poverty, […]


Really? Obama speechwriter equates treatment of Barron Trump to Greta Thurnberg

Juvenile children of politicians should be off limits, right? I think that’s something most decent people can agree upon, no matter the party of their parents. They didn’t seek out life in the spotlight. Children […]

DNC official on Fox News: ‘Why the hell does Tucker Carlson still have a job?”

Normally, at this point during a presidential primary, the field is shrinking. Instead, more Democrats are getting into the race. Within the last month, two more candidates have joined the race. Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval […]