James Comey says ‘law enforcement decisions must be apolitical,’ social media responds

Former FBI director James Comey, since his dismissal, has gone on to write a book about President Trump and his administration. Additionally, Comey has gone any and every television program that would have him on […]


Hillary Clinton uses ‘Scrabble’ to try and slam Trump, it backfires spectacularly

Hillary Clinton will not be President of the United States. The former secretary of state lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump. Most people have accepted this fact and moved on with their lives, […]

Former Obama, Hillary aide concerned ‘three white men’ leading Dem 2020 polls

Democrats are absolutely obsessed with identity politics. They love dividing people based on race, gender and sexual orientation. Look at the way their presidential candidates campaign. Hillary Clinton’s entire 2016 campaign was based solely on […]

Hillary Clinton on Mueller report: Anybody else would’ve been indicted

Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States. She’s a two-time presidential loser and there’s even been talk that she may actually get into the 2020 race. Despite her loss, Clinton continues to […]