‘Law and order’ President Trump commutes convicted felon Roger Stone’s sentence

Throughout his time as president and while running for the office, President Donald Trump has described himself as “the law and order” candidate and president. The President of the United States has continued using this […]

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden, says ‘We need a real president, not just one who plays one on TV’

While Democratic presidential primary isn’t technically over yet, it’s basically over. As much as the Bernie Bros. may not like it, former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate for president. […]

Hulu previews Hillary Clinton documentary ‘Hillary’

Hillary Clinton isn’t president and she will never sit behind the Oval Office. The woman lost an election most thought, including the media and political establishment, had in the bag. However, as it turned out […]

Hillary Clinton, Howard Stern mock Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton still cannot accept the fact that she isn’t and will not ever be the President of the United States. In the years following her loss, Clinton has blamed anyone and everyone, except herself. […]