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Messer campaign releases first TV ad

After Braun and Rokita released television ads, you knew it was only a matter of time until the third Republican in the race, Luke Messer, also joined the club and put out one himself.

Well, the inevitable has finally happened. Messer’s campaign sent out the ad set to begin running on television Thursday morning.

The ad introduces voters to one of the men hoping to replace Democrat Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Senate. His two daughters talk about their father’s commitment to his faith and the pro-life agenda. But, like everything else in this race, the ad makes sure you’re well aware that Messer will do anything and everything necessary to pass President’s Trump agenda.

“He’s a strong advocate for President Trump’s agenda.” It’s basically the first thing out of their mouths.

Between this ad and Rokita’s where he donned a MAGA hat and emphatically told us he’s “pro-Trump,” the whole “I’m gonna be President Trump’s best friend” is wearing pretty thing.

Differentiate yourself, put forward an original idea. Why are you better than the next guy?



Braun campaign takes down questionable immigration ad

After feeling the heat for using the death and pictures of a Colts player and an Uber driver at the hands of an illegal immigrant in an ad, the Braun campaign has reversed course and is removing the ad from television.

In the race where all three Republican candidates are trying to cozy up to Trump as much as possible, immigration was inevitably going to come up at some point. It’s likely to make several more appearances before the May primary, in some form or fashion.

The ad, which is still up on on the Braun campaign’s Youtube page, exploits a tragic situation for political gain. No matter what side of the political spectrum you happen to fall, no matter what issue – whether it be gun control or immigration – using a tragedy to push an agenda is pretty cold and callous.

What in the world could the campaign have been thinking to run such an ad mere weeks after the deadly incident?

However, the Braun campaign does deserve some credit for recognizing their mistake and reversing course.

There are plenty of other ways to make a point such as this, there was simply no need to make such an ad. Hopefully, in the future, the campaign decides to utilize other methods, facts and figures to make their position known to the voting public.

I understand all politics is essentially local and personal, but that ad was too personal, especially for the widow of the killed Uber driver.

– BZ

Rokita campaign releases first TV ad

Indiana’s May Republican primary is inching ever closer. And as such, the candidates will become more and more visible in the coming weeks, if they have the funds to do so.

The Todd Rokita campaign recently released their first campaign ad of the primary season and well….just watch for yourself.

In a campaign in which all three Republican candidates have essentially said that if elected, they will become Donald Trump’s lapdog, Rokita outdoes them all…in just 30 seconds.

In the ad, after flashing images of Hillary, Obama, Colin Kaepernick kneeling and people rioting in the streets, Rokita proceeds to tell us he’s pro-life, pro-gun and is emphatically “pro-Trump.”

The campaign manages to hit every big major talking point complete with total Republican imagery. He fires an AR-15, dons a Trump MAGA hat, holds a beer, walks through a cornfield with a shot of Arlington Cemetery.  Really, the only things missing from the ad are baseball, apple pie and the campaign’s dumb slogan “Defeat the Elite.”

– BZ


Braun campaign releases controversial ad on immigration

In Indiana, the race to replace Democrat Joe Donnelly in the United States Senate is underway.  Donnelly’s future in the Senate is shaky, to say the least. Donald Trump won Indiana by nearly 20 points, and if you don’t believe he’s still extremely popular in the Hoosier state all you had to do was tune into the Indiana Republican Senate debate this past Tuesday.

The three Republicans seeking the nomination – U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita, U.S. Rep. Luke Messer and businessman and former Indiana state senator Mike Braun –  all tried to tie themselves to Pres. Trump. Several times throughout the debate, all three of the candidates said they were the best person for the job because they will support Trump’s stance on this issue and on this issue, on that issue.

Thanks in large part to Pres. Trump, immigration has become a hot-button issue. Also, in Indiana, immigration has also taken on an added significance. Several weeks ago, a drunk driver hit and killed two people, one of which was a Colts player.  Come to find out the driver in the fatal crash was an illegal immigrant, who had been deported twice and had several driving violations.

With that being said, Braun recently released an ad mentioning this particular case, using pictures of both deceased individuals.

The widow of one of the men said stated her outrage over the ad and said she wants her husband’s photo removed from the ad.

And to be honest, can you really blame her? Regardless of political opinion, why would anyone want a painful memory, that is still fresh and raw brought in order to score political points.

Yes, something needs to be done on the immigration, a lot of things. However, the point the Braun campaign was hoping to make about our immigration system could’ve been made without doing this.  Put yourself, in the widow’s shoes for a second, you would’ve reacted the same way.

The ad was in poor taste. Immigration is an issue, yes but this ad was probably not the best way to go about it.

Indiana Senator Donnelly heads to Texas with Schumer

Two to three times a week Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly’s campaign sends out frantic emails about the state of his race.  Generally, these frenzied emails start off quoting some poll showing the race leaning Republican. Continue reading and you soon spot the real reason for the mass mailing, it’s an ask to donate, generously, to the incumbent Democrat’s campaign.

Sure, campaign’s ask for money all the time. They need lots and lots of your money in order to continue…working for you?

But, this past weekend the Indiana Senator, whose campaign openly admits  – several times a week- that the race is leaning Republican, wasn’t in Indiana. Well, was he in Washington D.C.? Nah. But where was he then?

Well, Donnelly was in Texas…raising money...with New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

If you’re wondering what connection Donnelly has to Texas, so are we. Must’ve been that Schumer said “money” and then Donnelly likely sent his RSVP in moments in later.

The optics of this are absolutely terrible. Donnelly likes to position himself as a blue dog, conservative Democrat, but palling around with the liberal Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer is not a good look.

Regardless, Donnelly knows his time in office is coming to a close.

Savor it, Senator!



Is Assisted Suicide About to Become Legal in Indiana?

Remember back in the early nineties when Jack Kevorkian, a.k.a Dr. Death, started the whole “Right to Die” conversation? Back then, most people found it abhorrent that a physician who had taken an oath to do no harm would help his patients die. He was eventually charged with second degree murder and convicted in 1999.

Now, nearly ten years later, the public pendulum of approval for the right to decide when to end your own life seems to be swinging in favor of legalized doctor assisted suicide. It’s been re-named “Death with Dignity” and over the last few years, some very viral stories, like those of Brittany Maynard and even Terri Schiavo  have steered the conversation around legalizing assisted suicide.

In the United States California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington have legalized assisted suicide but is Indiana next? One Bloomington lawmaker hopes so.

Rep. Matt Pierce, a Democrat from Bloomington, has introduced legislation in the form of House Bill 1157 that would make available an assisted-suicide option to people who are facing “imminent death” within six months.  “I am hopeful the introduction of this bill will begin a discussion among Hoosiers about this difficult end-of-life issue,” Pierce said at a news conference early Thursday morning.

While your heart goes out to people facing circumstances where the end of life quality will certainly be painful, not only for them but for their families, taking one’s life is never the right solution. Besides the obvious, faith based objections to euthanasia, there are also a whole host of ethical boundaries that doctor assisted suicide crosses.

The fight to legalize assisted suicide is just starting in Indiana (and will probably continue for quite some time), but pro-lifers need to be thinking about how this will play out on a national stage. This issue has been bubbling beneath the surface for quite some time and likely will become a political platform for the left sooner rather than later.


Indiana US Senate race gets another candidate and….a truly awful slogan

As has long been suspected, 4th District Congressman Todd Rokita has announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Rokita made it official Wednesday morning at the Indiana Statehouse.

Rokita, will be aiming to replace Indiana’s current senator, Democrat Joe Donnelly. However, prior to squaring off against Donnelly, Rokita will have to defeat his other fellow declared Republican candidates, most notably 6th District Congressman Luke Messer. In all likelihood Indiana’s next senator will be whomever survives between Messer and Rokita.

Look we get it, the campaigns of Messer and Rokita will exchange harsh words and both will run negative ads against one another, while claiming “it’s not negative, it’s highlighting his weak record.” Nevertheless, one will win and despite the overwhelming negative, likely petty nature of the forthcoming campaign and everything that’ll be said, the other will come out and endorse the other.  That winner will then go on to defeat Democrat Donnelly because…well, this is Indiana.

Sharp words, negative ads and highlighting weaknesses in your opponent’s record are all part of the game, it’s politics.

Another important aspect of politics/running for office is defining oneself, one’s campaign. This type of political branding is most noticeable in a candidate’s and a campaign’s slogan. Whether it’s Hope, Change, I’m with Her or Make America Great Again, the slogan gives supporters and potential supporters an idea about what the candidate and the campaign is all about.

In the case of Rokita’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, his campaign’s slogan is the absurdly ridiculous “Defeat the Elite.”

First of all, what exactly does that even mean? Is his campaign trying to say he’s a political outsider who is going to take on the entrenched politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C.?  If so, might I remind them he’s a congressman and has been….since 2010. Before Congress, he served as Indiana’s secretary of state for eight years. Outsider, he is not.

It could also mean and, I hope this isn’t the case, that why be superior when you can be average? That isn’t to say that Donnelly is the greatest statesman that’s ever lived, he’s not. But why have a slogan that essentially translates to “shoot for the middle?”

For the record I’m not backing anyone at this point. I’m merely an objective observer. I’m not partial to any of the declared Republican candidates in the race for senate. It’s entirely way too early. There’s way too many articles to read that haven’t yet been written, too many ads to view that haven’t yet been produced and way too many speeches to listen to that haven’t been given yet. However, as the old saying goes, first impressions are important and monumentally influential at cementing likes, dislikes and beliefs. That’s especially true of a political campaign.

And “defeat the elite?” Really? Sure, it rhymes, but c’mon, that’s the best you could come up with? Just leave it blank if you don’t know the answer.

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