Report: Ivanka Trump used personal email account to communicate with Cabinet officials, White House employees

Emails and their use have been a hot political topic for the last several years. This happened thanks in large part to Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account, private server to communicate about […]


Kirsten Powers says white women who voted for Trump are racist

CNN isn’t a fan President Donald Trump but they love talking about the subject of racism. The Cable News Network also enjoys attributing people’s actions simply to their race and then claiming an entire group […]

REPORT: Cleveland Browns want to interview former Secretary of State Condi Rice for head coaching job

The National Football League is a fickle and extremely competitive environment. If you’re winning, your players, your organization and city absolutely love you, but as soon as that stops, so does all the love. Have one […]

Trump willing to help Pelosi become Speaker of House again: ‘I like her. Can you believe it?’

When the new-elected members of Congress take their the positions in January, Democrats will have control of the House of Representatives. While the Republicans will still have control of the Senate, there’s no doubt that […]