Rep. Omar: Trump wants ‘every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned’

Throwing around the word “racism” and “racist” is a favorite pasttime of those in the Democratic Party. Disagree with a Democrat on immigration? You’re a racist. Disagree with a Democrat on any aspect of climate […]


President Trump: ‘I was not happy’ with ‘send her back’ chant

On Wednesday night, President Donald Trump held a rally in North Carolina. During his remarks to the crowd, Trump was talking about the “progressive Democrat congresswomen,” specifically Rep. Ilhan Omar.  It was during this time […]

Sen. Marco Rubio responds to House resolution condemning Trump twitter statements

President Donald Trump’s tweets continue to dominate the news cycle. He’s currently dealing with a self-made controversy in which he called on the “progressive Democrat Congresswomen” to go back to their country and fix it […]

VIDEO: Rep. Liz Cheney rips Dem colleagues: ‘Their policies are wrong, dangerous and would destroy America’

Well, for the last several days the major news outlets have been consumed with statements President Donald Trump made on Twitter over the weekend where he instructed a “progressive Democrat congresswomen” to return to where […]