‘Daily Wire’ to launch book publishing imprint

Conservative media company ‘Daily Wire’ is launching a book publishing wing that will include new released by founder Ben Shapiro, actress Gina Carano (Mandalorian) and commentator Candace Owens.

“By working with some of the world’s leading authors, then using the Daily Wire’s marketing prowess to bring their work to broader audiences, we will ensure that conservatives and free thinkers are never silenced — that, in fact, their exposure continues to grow,” Shapiro said, according to UpMatters.

The publishing wing will officially launch in the spring of 2022 and will be based in Nashville, Tennessee where the company is headquartered.

They’ll also be publishing a book by one of the police officers involved with the Breonna Taylor shooting. “The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy” by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly was originally scheduled for release through Simon & Schuster, but after pushback, the title was dropped by the publisher.

“Simon & Schuster was too afraid to tell his (Mattingly’s) story, but we’re not,” said DW Books Vice President of Publishing Alyssa Cordova.

Cordova also said the new imprint is “the ideal partner for conservative authors looking for a publisher that shares their values and can deliver direct access to millions of like-minded Americans who appreciate premium, thought-provoking content.”

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