Embarrassing: Ohio US Senate candidate tweets out moronic message

I’ve said it before and apparently, I have to say it again: politicians are some of the worst people are the face of the Earth.

Much like an ambulance-chasing lawyers, politicians will say and do whatever they needed to in order to win. No matter how gross or embarrassing, they’ll do what they need to get that win and please who those they need to.

Exhibit A: Josh Mandel is a Republican running for US Senate in Ohio. He’s one of those guys who hasn’t had an original thought as evidence by his Twitter account. Mandel has sold himself out to Trump and his base, believing that saying everything that’ll please them and the twice-impeached, former president will get into office.

On Sunday, Mandel came up with another witty, gem of a tweet that’ll only please the Trump base.

It’s one thing to think this way but to actually send this out is an entirely different thing. Embarrassing.

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