Cringeworthy: Marjorie Taylor Greene auctioning off gun, blows up car in latest ad

Political ads are, by nature, generally pretty bad. It’s usually nothing more than a politician telling us how bad their opposition is while telling us how wonderful they are and how great things will be if we just elect them.

They’ll employ some slick editing as the person running for office spouts a much-tested message meant to appeal to appeal to their base. Add in some generic graphics and the a candidate’s voice over saying “I approve this message” and you’ve got another forgettable political ad.

But Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene takes the cringe and embarrassment up to a whole other level in her latest ad.

Greene tells us how bad President Biden is and how he’s looking to “ban a gun like this.” Greene also says that, if re-elected in 2022, Greene is going to “blow up Biden’s socialist agenda.” And just in case you didn’t get that, Greene proceeds to blow up a car labeled “socialist agenda.” Get it?

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