Comedy Central yanks “Diversity Day” episode of “The Office” over politically incorrect storyline

Was there a sitcom more popular than “The Office”? Ok, maybe “Friends”, but thanks to reruns and streaming on Netflix, the show became even more popular than when it was on the air. Comedy Central regularly shows old episodes, but viewers will no longer be able to watch the “Diversity Day” episode on the network.

Due to it’s politically incorrect theme, the network decided to pull it – something they’ve done in the past with shows like “South Park” and “Seinfeld.”

“Diversity Day” mocks office place diversity and inclusion training and during the episode main character Michael Scott imitates an Indian accent among other non-PC things. Watch a little in the clip below.

“Diversity Day” originally aired in the show’s first season in 2005.

People took to Twitter to express their outrange over cancel culture winning out yet again.

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