Backlash against Carrie Underwood after singer likes conservative writer Matt Walsh’s anti-mask tweet

Country singer Carrie Underwood irked fans after they discovered the former American Idol winner liked Matt Walsh’s anti-mask video he posted on Twitter.

“The Daily Wire” commentator and writer spoke at the Nashville School Board meeting calling the mask mandates for students “cruel and indefensible” and likened them to child abuse.

“You the school board have decided that our kids should go to school all day, every day wearing muzzles like rabid dogs. I have listened to your arguments and I’ve noticed that they’re missing a few things, namely, evidence, data, science, common sense, and basic human decency,” Walsh said.

“COVID poses almost no risk to our kids at all. 4.2 million children have tested positive for COVID. A total of .008 percent of them have died. What about the flu? The CDC estimates that 480 kids died from the flu in the 2018-2019 season,” he continued.

“That’s more than a die from COVID in a year and a half. Now, did anyone on this board suggest at any point that year that kids wear masks? Did anyone in this room suggest that at any point, anyone wear masks for flu? Which, again, if you get, is more dangerous to kids than COVID. (Applause) That’s a fact. Do you know what it’s called when you force your children to wear masks for fear of a virus that poses almost no threat to them? It’s called child abuse. You want to look up a disease?,” Walsh said.

Fans noticed Underwood liked the tweet and took to social media to express their outrage.

Conservatives on the platform took note and told the haters to get over it.

Walsh responded as well.

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