Ironic: Ted Cruz accuses Dems of ‘herd mentality,’ following only one person

Democrats and Republicans alike adhere to a herd mentality and commonly employ talking points in order to defend particular people and policies.

Yes, both parties do this. Democrat, Republicans, it does not matter.

However, I don’t ever remember a more subservient, sycophantic group than Republicans during the time of former and twice-impeached Donald Trump.

Also, I can’t recall of a group of Biden supporters or really any other group of supporters storming U.S. Capitol in order to stop the certification of an election, while threatening to hang the Vice President of the United States.

If there was ever an example of a herd mentality, it was and is the GOP as they fell over themselves to defend and praise Trump.

One of the biggest sycophants during the Trump administration was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. But now, Cruz feels a herd mentality and doing anything and everything to please one person is a bad thing.

I believe this is the part where Alanis Morissette would chime in with, “it’s ironic, don’t ya think?”

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