Black Lives Matter blames the US, not Communism for Cuban people’s oppression

The Cuban people have been protesting food shortages, lack of medical supplies and economic hardships related to the pandemic and years of oppression by their government.

But Black Lives Matter, which has claimed to be a Marxist organization in the past, says the United States is to blame for placing an economic embargo on the country and accuses the United States government of “inhumane” treatment of the Cuban people.

There’s no mention of the years of oppression by Communist dictator Fidel Castro and the decades of rule that led to the denial of political and civil rights for the Cuban people.

Instead, BLM accuses the United States of “instigating suffering for the country’s 11 million people” and sided with the Cuban government by saying the “historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed people’s of African descent.”

The organization was slammed on Twitter, with many calling the statement shameful.

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