Tucker Carlson compares children wearing masks to child abuse

The coronavirus is still a thing. Yes, the vaccine is out and people are getting vaccinated but the virus is still around and active.

Wearing face masks have been a suggested preventative measure against the virus for over a year now. Some states have required them, others did not and many of those states that did require them have relaxed those measures. At this point, wearing a face mask has become a part of our every day life and often a form of common courtesy. Who wants to get other people sick, right?

Well, the people over at Fox News still have a problem with wearing a piece of cloth across their face. In fact, Tucker Carlson, believes that you have the right to be offended if someone wears a face mask outside (sounds kind of snowflakey, right) In fact, the rightwing mouthpiece believes having a child wearing a face mask is child abuse.

He goes on to direct his far rightwing audience to actually call child protective services on the parents whose children are wearing face mask.

What happened to that “live and let live” idea that the right loves to spew and then not follow, ever?

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