Meteorologist corrects Pete Hegseth on air

Anger! Outrage! Controversy! More anger! More outrage! More controversy!

That’s essentially the business model of places like MSNBC, Fox News, Newsmax and OANN. All of those outlets run stories meant to instill fear and/or cause anger in their viewers. It keeps them angry, upset but more importantly, watching.

MAGA enthusiast Pete Hegseth is one of those guys who is perpetually angry and screaming at the camera as he talks about the dangers of Democrats, liberals and basically anything that is endorsed by Donald Trump.

On a recent broadcast, Fox News Pete Hegseth was upset once again but this time it was about footwear. Yes, the newsman was all worked up about Lil Nas X and his “satan shoes.”

In his rant about those shoes, Hegseth accuses Nike of manufacturing the shoes. He 100% convinced of it, Hegseth professes. Yes, they are made by Nike, according to Hegseth.

Or maybe they aren’t.

Well, turns out Hegseth was wrong. I know, who’d have guessed that, right?

The meteorologist corrects Hegseth live on air.

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