Trump spokesman: Former president launching own social media platform

He’s kind of like Jason, Freddy, Chucky or some other character in a horror film that just when you think they’re gone, they pop back up at the last second to exact revenge on all those who tried to off them.

Yes, according to a spokesman for former President Trump, he’s going to be making a return to social media. But, due to his ban on Twitter, he won’t be sending any tweets to ENJOY!

No, instead, it appears that the one-term president will be making a return on his own social media platform.

While no exact date has been given, Jason Miller told Fox News that it’ll likely be the two to three months. And we can only imagine that it’ll be the biggest, most beautiful return you’ve ever seen, ever!

Now, the question remains, how much worse than Parler will that site be and will Trump finally use his new platform to lay out his health care plan?

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