Trump calls on Fox News to cancel Karl Rove

Those on the far right constantly cry and moan about cancel culture. They are perpetually outraged about it, warning their audience about the dangers of silencing someone simply because they disagree with what someone says.

“What happened to muy free speech? What about the First Amendment?,” those on the far right scream (even when it’s done by a business and not the government).

But nevertheless, “cancelling” or silencing someone, something or even trying to do so is a sure sign that person or group of people are intellectually weak and lazy. It’s a lot easier to have all dissenting voices silenced then to have to actually defend those positions.

So, understanding how much those on the far right and Trump supporters hate cancel culture, I’m sure they’ll stand up and loudly voice their displeasure about former President Trump’s latest move.

Apparently, Donald got his feelings hurt by what Rove said on Fox News following Trump’s recent speech at CPAC.

Again, Trump is actually trying to “cancel” Rove because he doesn’t like what he said. I look forward to all those on the right who “hate” cancel culture to say how wrong Trump is here.

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