Michigan congressional candidate decries ‘cancel culture’ then calls for boycott of Target

In America, anyone can run for public office. Regardless of skin color, income level, gender, sexual orientation and level of intelligence, running for office is open to anyone in the United States of America.

Unfortunately, in the age of social media, candidates and elected officials have begun to show their level of intelligence. The last few elections have given us people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump, most of whom are loud, proud and clueless members of the GOP.

In Michigan’s Third Congressional District, it appears that another person is running to become a member of the GOP’s growing Clueless Caucus: Tom Norton.

Norton, being someone running as a Republican, hates cancel culture. He hates it. It’s awful. He’s had enough of it and felt compelled to make his feelings known on the matter.

And that’s fine. He has every right to feel that way but what’s odd is that he’s also calling for a boycott of Target.

So, according to Norton, canceling someone or something is completely OK if they agree with and think like him. But it gets even worse as he tries to defend his awful logic with even more awful and flawed logic.

Does this fool not understand what a boycott is? It’s an attempt to erase something from society, as he puts it. In other words, they are the exact same thing. GOP, you are not sending your best.

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