Abbott blames illegal immigrants, Biden administration for spreading COVID in Texas

Now, this past year has been difficult for many. People have lost jobs, lost businesses and lost their lives due to the pandemic. It’s been bad, for sure. Needless to say, people want things to get back to normal and there are signs that normality may be returning with the increasing widespread availability of the vaccines.

This week the state of Texas announced that citizens of the Lone Star state would no longer have to wear face masks and that businesses would go back to 100% capacity.

Following the announcement, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appeared on Fox News and said that illegal immigrants and the Biden administration are responsible for spreading COVID in Texas.

Currently, the state of Texas has recorded more than 2.6 million COVID-19 cases with more than 44,000 deaths related to the virus all time. The entire country of Mexico is currently at 2.1 million cases with 188,000 deaths.

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