Joe Rogan challenges Candace Owens on climate change

The activity of human beings is and does affect the climate. That’s really not up for debate at this point. However, how much humans are affecting the climate and what can be done to reverse it, is still very much up for discussion.

But those on the far right still refuse to believe that climate change is even a thing. Whether it’s because of stupidity or they’re playing to their audience or both, they say climate change isn’t real. One of those people who still says climate change isn’t real is Candace Owens.

Owens was recently on Joe Rogan’s show where the topic of climate change came up and Owens stated several times that she does not believe in it. Rogan challenged Owens several times, providing facts to combat Owens denial. Instead of coming up with any real answer, Owens just says over and over that she simply “doesn’t believe in it, like not ever a little bit.”

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