CULT: Gold statue of Trump seen at CPAC

The Republican Party moves closer and closer to being a full blown cult every single day.

I’ve said for years now that the way the GOP and its voters have ferociously defended everything and anything former President Trump said, did and tweeted, no matter how factually incorrect, conspiratorial or illegal, is nothing short of a cult.

If you even attempted to interject a bit of reality or truth into the lives of these brainwashed cult members or disagreed with their god with a terrible combover, then you were just nothing more than a “libtard,” “snowflake,” “fake news,” or some other phrase that’s light on creativity, thinking and syllables.

Well, apparently I’ve been proven correct with the GOP being a cult as a gold statue of Trump was seen at CPAC 2021 (Conservative Political Action Conference).

The Republican Party is now 100% a cult with the only requirement being undying allegiance and fealty to former President Donald Trump, anything less will not be tolerated and dissenters will be dismissed.

Yes, these fools have actually created a golden statue of their leader. I believe the Bible, which so many of these Trump supporters profess to be familiar with, says something about idols and specifically golden ones.

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