Meghan McCain calls for Fauci to be removed

Meghan McCain isn’t liked by Trump supporters due to the fact that her father was the late Sen. John McCain. She has also questioned former President Trump and those members of his administration.

However, what McCain said on The View Monday is likely to get her a lot of support from MAGA land.

McCain criticized Dr. Fauci’s recent appearance on CNN where he was asked a direct question about the pandemic and instead of answering, deflected.

Well, McCain is now calling for the Biden administration to remove Fauci with “someone who understands science.”

One thought on “Meghan McCain calls for Fauci to be removed”

  1. I Think Meghan McCain should just leave The View, just replaced Meghan McCain with Tara Setmayer, Gretchen Carlson, Mary Katharine Ham, S. E. Cupp, Ana Navarro, Greta Van Susteren, Kristen Soltis Anderson all would be Better For The View 25th season

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