Madonna claims to be a victim of ‘the patriarchy,’ says it tries to crush her neck, take her life force

Being a celebrity and over-the-top, bleeding hear liberal seems to go hand in hand. It appears that spouting their liberal opinions whether the public asked for it or not, is part of the gig as well.

Singer, actor Madonna matches does both of these to an expert level. Whether it’s her telling us how many times she’s thought about blowing up the White House or spreading COVID-19 misinformation, the material girl likes to throw around her opinion.

Now, the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer is claiming to be a victim of the patriarchy. She states that they are constantly trying to crush her neck and take her life force away.

Madonna has been a singer and actor for decades, selling millions of records in the process as she’s been rewarded handsomely for her work. She was worldwide fame.

There is no one trying to silence her.

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