Don Jr. thinks the governor of Texas is a Democrat

Donald Trump Jr. is offering his thoughts on the Ted Cruz Cancun vacation debacle, posting a short video on his Rumble account saying people shouldn’t cancel the senator over bad optics.

However, Trump wants to blame the governor instead, but seems to think Greg Abbott is a Democrat.

Cruz, who Trump dubbed “Cancun Cruz” in true Trump fashion, has faced strong backlash after hopping on a plane to Cancun while most of Texas is without power and struggling in the aftermath of an ice storm.

The Senator flew back to Texas after the outrage, saying it was a “mistake” to vacation right now.

“In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” Cruz said. USA Today reports that his intention was “to work remotely,” but it became “more compelling” for him to fly back to Texas as people became angry with him for leaving during a crisis.

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