PA GOP county chair upset with Toomey’s impeachment vote: We did not send him there to do the right thing

Every day the Republican party becomes a better example of a cult. And their unquestioned leader and dear savior? The two-time impeached former President Donald Trump.

Absolutely no questioning of their beloved golden calf is allowed. Have a differing opinion on an issue from 45? Well, then you’re a Rhino!

Happen to think that pressuring another country for help during an election is a bit problematic? Then you’re nothing but a simple snowflake.

And believe that inciting a riot to storm the United State Capitol is worthy of conviction? OK, that’s fine but you’re going to get censured.

Only seven Republicans voted to convict the former president after he told his cult they needed “to fight like hell” or “they wouldn’t have a country anymore” and encouraged them to march down to the Capitol, which resulted in a deadly insurrection.

The other 43 Republicans are busy searching for the spine they apparently were born without.

Now, those Republicans who voted to convict Trump are being censured by…the GOP.

Sen. Pat Toomey was one of the seven who voted to convict the GOP’s idol and is now facing censure from the Pennsylvania GOP. According to one Pennsylvania GOP county chairman, they “didn’t send him there to do the right thing.”

The modern-day GOP is a cult if there ever was one. It’s made up of a bunch of mindless, spineless lemmings who have pledged fealty to their golden calf: Donald Trump.

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