Libs are pushing to change ‘breast milk’ to ‘chest milk’ to be more inclusive

In order to create a more inclusive environment for transgender and non-binary parents, some are pushing to change the term breast milk to chest milk.

According to a story on Fox 59 out of Indianapolis, one hospital in the United Kingdom has already made the change and health care professionals support the initiative.

Lactation expert Jill Aspinwall is using the new term at her Illinois practice.

“I think that we can speak to people in general terms until we get to know that client individually and then when we know what pronouns they would like to use and to be addressed as then we can address them as such,” said Aspinwall.

She says she started to use the terms chest milk or human milk, instead of the traditional term. She says it’s a way to create a more comfortable atmosphere for transgender parents as well as non-binary parents — who do not identify with any gender.

“We’re transitioning now to use chest milk just to be more inclusive of all populations and that term is probably going to be changed in the near future,” said Aspinwall.

She says that it’s medically possible for transgender men and non-binary persons to have a baby and that breast tissue is not specific to any certain gender.

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