Capitol rioter: I think Cruz would want us to do this

After the election, former President Donald Trump and his allies in the media and Republicans in Congress endlessly pushed the lie that the election had been stolen.

It wasn’t but that didn’t stop Trump and others from continuing to push this baseless allegation of election theft as case after case from Trump campaign legal team was thrown out in courts all around the country.

But again, this didn’t stop Trump and Republicans from lying, lying and lying some more. Instead, on Jan. 6, Trump continue to push this lie, telling his cult followers to “fight like hell” in order to “take their country back.”

One of those people who helped push his lie of election theft was Texas senator and likely 2024 presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

A newly unearthed video shows rioters on the floor of the Senate in which one says “I think Cruz would want us to do this…so I think we’re good.”

Cruz, who was one of the most visible and vocal in pushing the lie, will be voting on whether to convict Trump or not.

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