OAN runs massive disclaimer before MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s election documentary

OAN is straight garbage. It’s nothing more than a propaganda outlet for members of the Trump cult. They are trying to do nothing more than outFox Fox News but with terrible hosts and much worse, high school AV level production value.

Sure, they may call themselves a news outlet but that’s like Michael Bay referring to himself as a director. It may technically be correct but with anyone with a working set of eyes and an IQ above 10 knows that isn’t true.

Throughout the Trump presidency and the campaign and in the time following Trump’s election loss, OAN has done nothing more than carry water for Trump and his administration. They even pushed the completely debunked and baseless allegation that the election was “stolen” from Trump. They ran stories claiming that Dominion voting machines flipped Trump votes to Biden votes, without any evidence.

But now that it appears the right-wing propaganda outlet will soon be hit by a lawsuit they are trying to change their tune. Prior to airing a piece from Trump advisor and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, the network ran a massive disclaimer about the program to follow.

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