Liz Cheney: Trump doesn’t have a role as a leader of GOP in future

The Republican party is currently in the midst of an identity crisis.

Former President Donald Trump, despite what he and many of those in the GOP said, lost the election, by a significant margin. President Joe Biden has undone many of Trump’s accomplishments by a simple pen stroke, manly due to the fact that Trump’s were also by executive orders. And now, the twice-impeached former president’s Senate’s trial is set to begin this week.

So, the real question is: Who is the leader of the GOP and what does the party stand for?

As many in the GOP have shown, even with Trump out of office, standing up and speaking out against Trump, has consequences. One of those members of the GOP has actually shown the ability to move beyond the former, twice-impeached and one-term President Trump, Liz Cheney, says Trump doesn’t have any kind of leadership in the party.

While Trump is currently popular with members of the GOP, let’s hope Cheney is right and Trump has no sway or influence over the party. The party has to move past a president who not only failed to win re-election, but lost the House and Senate and managed to help turn the deep-red state of Georgia blue not in one but two recent elections.

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